Every carriage driver knows the importance of harness; letís face it, itís what connects the horse to the vehicle, but is that all?!

For over 40 years John Parker and Susan Townsend have made all the harness used by their famous horses. Swingletree is now home to over 70 sets including single, pair, tandem and team, both full collar & breast collar. 
In addition there is a fascinating collection of harness accoutrements, much of which is used to this day.
    How is it made?
    How should it be maintained?
    What is the best harness for such and such a vehicle?    
    How should it be cleaned for the show ring?
    How should it be stored long term?
    What is Ďthat pieceí called and used for?
    Itís broken Ė how is it repaired?
And more!
If you are interested in learning more about harness and how it is made, Swingletree can offer the unique opportunity of learning about this skill from experts who actually use the harness that they make.
See the different types of leather, experience how the tools are used, learn about harness furniture & how it works, inspect differing types of harness, from a single working set to a five in hand show set, and even learn how to make simple repairs (and save yourself expensive repair bills in the process!)
Whatever your experience and particular interest tuition is tailored to suit your needs, tastes and ambition in a friendly relaxed atmosphere. There is no pressure of written tests or examinations, just practical experience. However if you are sitting examinations featuring harness and its maintenance, this course will prove useful.


In the heated, full equipped harness workshop we will take you through the harness, explain how it is made, the tools required, and give you hands on experience of elementary harness making or repair.
You can come for a few hours in the morning or afternoon, or spend all day, whichever you prefer.
For more information on Swingletree harness courses email:

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